Rigid kraft boxes are an integral part of international transportation, and are often used to transport goods that are sensitive or flammable. The materials they're made from make them incredibly secure, and they're highly resistant to damage. They're also an excellent choice for international transportation because of their high strength and heft. Custom Kraft Boxes are also great for branding your products. They can be printed on the inside, enhancing the visual appeal of your brand.

Benefits of custom kraft boxes

Custom kraft boxes are an excellent packaging option for a variety of reasons. For one, they are extremely inexpensive, and the raw materials are recycled, which makes them an environmentally-friendly solution. For another, they are a great choice for storage and transportation of food and other goods. This flexibility in packaging allows you to choose a design that will complement your products and your brand. In addition, kraft boxes are extremely versatile and easy to customize to suit your needs.

Custom kraft boxes can be used for packaging a variety of products, from handmade items to aromatic items. Custom kraft boxes also allow for creative presentations, such as using a new design for each individual product. This allows you to surprise your customers with new presentations that they won't expect! Custom kraft boxes are durable and strong, which means they are an excellent choice for packaging any product. They can also be reused and recycled.

Printing on the inside of custom kraft boxes

Kraft boxes are made from rustic brown paper and are ideal for a variety of purposes. They are strong, environmentally friendly, and recyclable. In addition to being durable and reusable, kraft boxes are highly customizable and can feature informational printing or personalized designs. Additionally, they can be used as retail-ready packaging or storage containers. These boxes can help you promote your brand and products to the public.

In addition to offering excellent protection, custom kraft boxes can also provide a timeless look to your products. They are extremely customizable and can be produced in just about any size, design, or printing. They are a great choice for a variety of products, and can showcase your brand's quality and style. As a leader in environmentally friendly packaging, OXO Packaging can help you create the perfect custom packaging.

In addition to printed details, custom kraft packaging boxes should also include an explanation of the product's contents. This includes the product's name, logo, tagline, and ingredients. This information is important to ensure consumers know the ingredients of the product and whether it's healthy. Additionally, custom kraft boxes can include markings to indicate reliability, such as a USDA certification.

Rigid kraft boxes used in international transportation

For the safest and most secure transportation of products, companies choose rigid kraft boxes. These boxes feature double walls and are made from rigid corrugated cardboard. The boxes should be the correct size for the contents. Too small a box will not accommodate enough padding or wrapping materials to keep the products safe. If you reuse a box, be sure to check the contents and the outer box for damage before sealing it. Also, make sure to remove any old labels that may be in the box. These labels can cause errors when the barcodes are automatically scanned. If you are shipping hazardous goods, you should not reuse a box with an old label.

It is important to use packaging tape that extends the sides of the box. This will help it to stay closed during shipment. A high quality shipping tape is better than masking tape or duct tape. The paperwork for shipping your goods may also vary depending on the mode of transportation and destination. If the package requires paperwork, the labels should be visible on the outside of the box. For small boxes, there may not be enough space for labels.

Custom kraft boxes adds value to your brand image

Custom kraft boxes can be customized to fit the specific specifications of your products. Unlike traditional cardboard boxes, there are no setup costs or steel dies to purchase. Custom kraft boxes are also lightweight and have a matte finish. Printing on the inside of the box adds value to your brand image, as it allows you to continue the story of your company and capture your audience's attention. For example, you can place a company description, a value statement, or a special surprise for the recipient.

Custom kraft boxes can also be used to showcase your brand's personality. For example, if you sell natural or organic products, you can use kraft-colored boxes with earth-tone prints. You can even work with a packaging designer to create custom printed boxes that highlight your unique brand image and personality. A personalized box is a perfect opportunity to showcase your sense of design. People tend to buy items from companies that put thought into the packaging.

Apart from adding value to your brand image, printing on the inside of a custom kraft box allows you to cut down on packaging waste. By using sustainable kraft boxes, your Brand can become more socially conscious. Sustainable packaging is important for your brand because customers often judge brands by their packaging. By reducing waste and preserving the value of your product, you can make your brand more reliable in the eyes of consumers.